Wednesday, 8 September 2010

S'all new in here

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So I figured I should make a blog. Y'know, somewhere to vent my thoughts and all that. So here I am. Took me long enough, to be hounest.

So what have I been thinking about?
...good question. See, I've been thinking about doing this for a long time, and I've thought about a lot of things to put in here, but I've managed to drag my feet on actually making the damn thing so long I've forgotten what I actually inteded to write about. So, for this one at least, you're just gonna have to settle for a couple (maybe) of thought... puddles? pools? ponds? Whatever, they probably won't be long enough to constitute thought streams...

So! Time to splash about in our first puddle! How exiting!

I've been traveling to work- and, for the most part, back from work too- on the back of my Dad's motorbike, since we work in the same building, for the time being at least. For some reason, I spot other bikers much better from the back of the bike. And quite a few scooterers as well. Y'know, things like vespers. And more often than not, they are using these odd blanket things, attatched to the inside of the front, and spreading over their knees.

Could someone explain these things for me please? Seriously?

They look like they're made of the same sorta stuff as the fabric leathers. But do they have any actual protective value? Really? I mean, your knees are effectively inside the bike, they don't need protecting there. And if you actually hit anything, you're gonna come off your bike, rendering the blanket-thing- which is attatched to the bike- utterly useless. I guess it might be for warmth, but I tend to find even on cold mornings I overheat in my leathers. So what gives? I guess its some secret known only to vesper riders.

Well, that was our first puddle! And a delicously badly thought out and underinformed one it was, too. And now that your wellies are nice and damp and ready for the big puddle over there, it's time for me to leave you, on the realisation that I have no more to talk about, that I can remember. Sorry guys, looks like the sun came out. Puddles are all dried up, and the pool's closed for cleaning.

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